The RISPCA advocates for legislative changes to address issues of animal cruelty and regularly provides testimony and commentary at legislative hearings where bills that impact animals and animal welfare are considered.  The following bills, if passed, would enhance the ability of the RISPCA to fulfill its mission:

Senate Bill No. 2443 which would assist the RISPCA to recover its costs incurred to care for animals seized in cruelty cases while a related criminal case is pending was introduced by Senate President Ruggerio and Senators McCaffrey, Coyne, Archambault, Goodwin, Valverde, Lombardo.  If passed this bill will help to alleviate the costs incurred by the RISPCA when animals are seized in response to allegations of animal cruelty.

House Bill No. 7080 which would eliminate some existing barriers to the trapping, neutering and subsequent release of unowned feral cats was introduced by Representatives Edwards, Serpa, Bennett, Solomon, C Lima, Kazarian, Casimiro, Baginski, Alzate, with minor changes, has the support of the RISPCA.

For more information, contact us at (401) 438-8150 or info@rispca.com.