Keep Your Pets Safe on 4th of July

With the 4th of July and firework season upon us, we must begin to think of how our pets are feeling.  Fireworks to animals can be loud and frightening.   Unfortunately, this time of year is the time where the highest number of pets go missing from their homes.  For all pets, it is best if they stay inside during and after firework displays.  Also, make sure every pet is wearing a collar with an ID tag in case they happen to run out.  We do have some extra tips to help keep your dogs safe and happy during firework displays.

  • Make sure you exercise them earlier in the day so they are tired by the time night comes.
  • When they inside have them in a comfortable place where they can relax, either their crate or a quiet room with a dog bed in it. It also helps if you stay with your dog during this time.
  • Use sounds like an air conditioner or music to dampen the sound coming from fireworks.
  • Remove visual stimuli as well by keeping windows and doors closed with the curtains shut.
  • Provide your dog with something fun to do, like a frozen Kong or an enrichment puzzle toy.
  • Some dogs may need extra measures and you could try an Adaptil Collar or a D.A.P collar for a calming effect.
  • Other dogs may feel safer with the use of a Thundershirt, which should be applied before the event.

If you have any further questions about pet care and training you can always contact the RISPCA at 401-438-8150 or training@rispca.com.