Help with Veterinary Care

Moms and Toms! 

The RISPCA is pleased to announce the start of our new “Moms & Toms” program! “Moms & Toms” is the brainchild of Cathy Simonini, Olivia Warburton, and Lindsay A. Thibeault, D.V.M.  This program is for unaltered, owned cats with the aim of increasing access to routine veterinary care and decreasing the feline overpopulation. A cat can become part of our Moms and Toms program if it is an intact female cat that is pregnant or recently delivered a litter of kittens. The RISPCA will place the cat and her litter in foster care until the kittens are old enough to be weaned. At that time the female cat (or Mom!) will be spayed and returned to its home. The kittens will be surrendered to the RISPCA where they will be vaccinated and altered then adopted to loving families.  If the family also owns the intact male cat (or Tom!) the RISPCA will vaccinate and neuter the male cat and return him to his family as well. There is no cost to the owners of the intact adult cats and there is no qualification process beyond owning a pregnant cat! If you would like to sponsor a cat for this program, the sponsorship cost is $100 per feline!  Any smaller amounts are greatly appreciated as well!

Here at the RISPCA we love ALL animals! 

Even those that need a little extra support, medical attention, and kindness.  And we want to make it easier for them to find FOREVER homes. That is why we are creating a new giving option strictly to help those animals that need more pre and post-adoption care. Each year, the RISPCA takes in hundreds of animals from our community and many of them require additional medical treatment and behavioral needs. The burden of that care is often passed on to the adopters which can deter some from adopting one of these special animals, or adopting from a shelter again.  We want to break down that barrier and ease the financial difficulties by treating and offering assistance to the special humans who love our special needs animals post-adoption if needed. These funds are for all shelter residents – cats, dogs, small animals alike!

Some of the extra care to be covered by Love Doesn’t Discriminate would include but is not limited to the following:

*Diagnostic testing (x-rays, ultrasound, blood work)
*Antibiotics for infection (upper respiratory, urinary tract, skin, etc.)
*Hernia repair
*Dental cleaning/teeth extraction
*Entropion surgery (corrects a condition affecting the eyelids) 
*Chronic condition support (diabetes, kidney disease, allergies)

*Special or Prescription diets  (due to allergies, weight management, etc.)
*Treatment for Heartworm, Ringworm, Parvovirus
*Pyometra surgery (due to infection of the uterus)
*Limb amputation
*Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) surgery
*Pre and Post-adoption behavior support

Donate today to Love Doesn’t Discriminate to ensure even our most vulnerable animals receive the medical and behavioral attention and care they deserve.

Animals that have/will benefit from YOUR help!

Thank you for your continued support!